The Ministry of Works and Transport­s ‘‘Strategy for the Sustainable Maintenance of District, Urban and Community Access Roads­­ emphasizes the use of local level planning and labour-based methods of road construction and maintenance to address the problem of unemployment. Mt. Elgon Labour-Based Training Centre was established in 1995 by the Ministry of Works and Transport with support from the Nordic Development Fund and backstopping from the International Labour Organisation.

The Training Centre has continued to receive support from the Government of Uganda and DANIDA through provision of additional infrastructure, training operation costs and technical assistance.

DANIDA through the Road Sector Programme Support that commenced in January 2003 has extended Labour-Based Training support to a number of districts in the north, east and southern parts of the country. During the 5-year RSPS2, DANIDA injected DKK 33.4 million (UShs 10 bn) on the Labour-based Training component while the government funded the project operations.

Today, MELTC is fully established as the National Labour-Based Training Centre in the country.

A number of programs have been run at MELTC as per the table below;

Program Co-funder Duration
1 Uganda Transport Rehabilitation Project (UTRP) Nordic Development Fund 1995 – 2000
2 Road Sector Program Support – Phase 1 Danida 2000 – 2002
3 Road Sector Program Support – Phase 2 Danida 2002 – 2007
4 Rural Roads Program Danida 2008 – 2010
5 Rural Transport Infrastructure – Phase 1 Danida 2011 – 2014



In line with the policy on poverty alleviation, MELTC­s mission is to supplement the efforts of governments to achieve sustainable development and maintenance of transport infrastructure to secure accelerated socio-economic development.


This mission is achieved through the immediate objective of developing capacity in the private and public sector in the planning and implementation of road rehabilitation and maintenance using labour based methods and in a manner responsive to environmental, gender and social aspects.

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