The training centre is headed by the Principal and has thirteen full time and experienced trainers. The center also uses part time resource persons for specialized non-engineering subjects.

Physical facilities

The training centre has fully equipped spacious office facilities for all resident and external trainers.

There are two hostel blocks which can accommodate up to 48 participants, dining facilities, three classrooms with modern training equipment, computer lab, satellite internet communication facilities, and soil materials laboratory.
There are adequate transport facilities including a school bus for field trips.

All physical facilities at the Training Centre are gender friendly i.e providing for both female and male trainees as well as people with disabilities.

Customer care

The good hospitality and friendly staff provide on optimum learning environment.


MELTC has sporting facilities for in and outdoor activities and TV receiving both digital satellite television channels and local channels.

MELTC also provides opportunity to trainees to tour the country’s unique and beautiful scenic sites and national parks.

These include among others; The Source of the Nile, Bujagali Falls, Sippi Falls, and Mount Elgon Exploration sites, etc. The sceneries are only a few hours drive from MELTC. Elizabeth National Park, Murchison National Park, and Mount Rwenzori offer delightful opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

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